• Colonial Chemical Breaks Ground on Production Expansion


    Colonial Chemical, Inc. broke ground today on a 15,000 square-foot expansion of its manufacturing facilities in New Hope, TN. Following a brief ceremony, guests and Colonial Chemical employees were treated to an outdoor barbecue luncheon. Attendees at the groundbreaking included representatives from several local townships as well as members of…

  • DEA-Free Blends for Personal Care products


    Colonial Chemical offers a variety of surfactant concentrates for personal care applications that are produced completely DEA/MEA free. These blends, designed for the formulator looking for a DEA-free drop-in solution, generate high viscosity at low solids and produce products that can be built over a wide viscosity range.  The products…

  • DEA-Free Solutions Now!


    DEA Prop 65 warnings making you a little crazy?  Colonial Chemical has DEA-free drop-in products that formulators need now. These are proven products with a track record of success that feature great performance and priced competitively.  Best of all, they’re available today – so there’s no reason to worry…