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Colonial Offers Gentle Substitute for Traditional Surfactants


Poly SugaCarb is the newest addition to Colonial Chemical's "green" line of personal care products. Offering both mild cleansing and excellent foaming properties, Poly SugaCarb is optimally used as a gentle primary surfactant in all wash-off applications, including all sulfate-free products.

Poly SugaCarb is an exceptional substitute for traditional surfactants such as sodium laurel sulfate, sodium laureth-2 sulfate and alpha olefin sulfonate. When compared to these surfactants, Poly SugaCarb LM causes significantly less eye irritation, scoring only an 8.00 on the HETCAM chart. Sodium laurel sulfate, sodium laureth-2 sulfate and alpha olefin sulfonate all score above a 20.00 on the chart, signifying severe eye irritation.

Colonial's Poly SugaCarb scores an 8.39 Green Star Rating, meaning that it is more than 83 percent natural. This naturalness makes Poly SugaCarb ideal in sulfate-free shampoos, conditioning shampoos, liquid hand soaps and body washes.