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Colonial Introduces


Colonial Chemical, Inc. has created naturally-derived personal care hydrotropes for formulating "green" personal care products.

VerdeTrope 120 (Proposed INCI: Potassium Caprylate) and VerdeTrope 162 (INCI: Potassium Caprylate/Caprate) were created to provide a safe, vegetable-derived alternative to petroleum-based hydrotropes like sodium xylene sulfonate (SXS) and sodium cumene sulfonate (SCS).

VerdeTrope 120 provides no foam to a formulation while VerdeTrope 162 provides low foam. Formulators who are concerned with removing petroleum-based hydrotropes from their formulations will find VerdeTrope 120 and VerdeTrope 162 beneficial.

Naturally derived from coconut oil, VerdeTrope 120 and VerdeTrope 162 are 100% natural with a Green StarTM Rating of 10.0. These mild, low irritation hydrotropes are ideal for use in shampoos, hand soaps and body washes.