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ColaTrope CA is a highly effective hydrotrope with excellent environmental attributes. Many hydrotropes currently on the market are made from environmentally unfriendly materials. For the formulator who is formulating safer, "green" products, hydrotropes such as SXS and cresylic acid based hydrotropes are no longer safe and environmentally acceptable.

ColaTrope CA is derived from natural sources and are non-petroleum based materials and more effective than sodium xylene sulfonate. It has excellent wetting and detergency properties and soluble in up to 20% KOH and 15% NaOH.

ColaTrope CA is virtually non-foaming making it suitable for spray applications. It is recommended for neutral to alkaline pH formulations and not to be used in acid pH formulations.

ColaTrope CA is listed on CleanGredients.

  • INCI Name
    Environmentally Safe, Naturally Derived Hydrotropes
  • Green Star Rating


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