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Colonial Chemical has pioneered the introduction of a new series of "green" surfactants based on alkyl polyglucoside derivatives. The Colonial SugaNate Series are sulfonated surfactants based on the renewable resource of alkyl polyglucosides.

The goal to make an extremely mild surfactant, which would be a substitute for traditional primary surfactants in personal care formulations, was realized in the development of the SugaNate Series.

The SugaNate products are extremely mild when tested against other traditional primary personal cleansing surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium coco sulfate, sodium lauryl ether sulfate and alpha olefin sulfonate.

The development of the SugaNate products represents a break-through in formulation technology. In the past a formulator started with irritating materials and built the formulation to mitigate irritation. SugaNate products allow a formulator to start formulating with non-irritating, "green" products and build consumer desired aesthetic properties knowing irritation to eyes and skin will not be a problem. This breakthrough allows the formulation of low or no irritation shampoos, body washes, bath gels, and personal cleansing products. The SugaNates are readily biodegradable, soluble in water, easy to handle, good foamers, gentle cleansers, "green" and compatible with most other personal care ingredients.


  • INCI Name
    Sodium Decylglucosides Hydroxypropylsulfonate
  • Patent
    6,627,612 B1
  • Green Star Rating


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