SugaQuat S-1218

The SugaQuat Series of naturally derived conditioning quats, bring formulators new ingredients that for the first time provide excellent conditioning of hair and skin while being much milder than traditional quats. The new SugaQuat Series offer the formulator naturally derived ingredients from renewable resources that are low in irritation to eyes and skin.

The SugaQuat Series are also very substantive, providing both wet comb properties and fly-away control to hair while being non-greasy and not building up. Colonial Chemical has done a variety of conditioning tests and Rubine Dye tests to verify the performance of SugaQuats in personal care formulations. SugaQuats are substantive to hair and skin even in the presence of anionic surfactants. The SugaQuat Series demonstrates very unique properties when compared to traditional cationic conditioning agents. Most notable is the significant reduction in eye irritation versus traditional quats as well as no skin irritation at all in our testing.

The SugaQuat Series are very compatible in anionic shampoo formulations making them an ideal choice for 2 in 1 shampoos. The SugaQuat Series do not inhibit from the foam of the shampoo and in fact contribute to foaming properties. Useful over a broad pH range, SugaQuat Series are stable in all types of personal care formulations.

Some of the SugaQuat Series have excellent microbial activity. This could make SugaQuat products useful in preservative free and reduced preservative personal care formulations. SugaQuats are light color, low odor and easy to use in a variety of personal care formulations.

If you are looking for natural, renewable resource derived conditioning agents, the SugaQuat Series is where you need to look. If your formulations demands milder ingredients the SugaQuat Series of products is where you need to look.

Natural, safe and from renewable resources, SugaQuats.

  • INCI Name
    Stearyldimonium Hydroxypropyl Laurylglucosides Chloride
  • Patent
  • Green Star Rating


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