Product Overview

The Poly SugaQuat Series of products are unique and innovative new products for the personal care industry. These products are made from renewable resources, are excellent conditioners for hair and skin and are very mild. In addition, the Poly SugaQuat products are natural and "green."

The Poly SugaQuat Series is derived from polymerized alkyl polyglucosides. The polymeric APG backbone is derivatized to provide cationic conditioning properties. This process yields products that are naturally derived and cationic in character. These novel quats provide substantivity to skin and hair, much more so than their nonionic APG precursors. The sugar moiety decreases the irritation substantially over traditional quats allowing the formulator an expanded use of these natural, "green" materials in a variety of personal care formulations. The Poly SugaQuat Series provides longer lasting benefits to hair and skin products than can be achieved using conventional surfactant systems while reducing irritation over traditional quats.  

The Poly SugaQuat Series offers a group of products that allow the formulator greater flexibility in a variety of personal care formulations. Colonial has provided the industry these ingredients with a variety of possible structures. The Poly SugaQuat Series of products are made from short and long chain quats reacted onto polymerized alkyl polyglucoside sugars. The alkyl polyglucoside sugars vary in the carbon chain length in the alkyl group. This variety of combinations gives the formulator great flexibility in formulating with these unique materials.

INCI: Cocoglucosides Hydroxypropyl Trimonium Chloride


TSCA (US), REACH - Polymer Exempt (EU), NDSL (CANADA)
CAS #: 1309865-11-9
Patent #: 7,507,399


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