Product Overview

Triglyceride Emulsifier

Cola®Det OE is a completely formulated system with mild anionic and amphoteric foaming surfactants and a structuring agent. It is prepared and shipped as an easy-to-use lamellar concentrate, and is designed to produce opaque emulsions of typical triglyceride oils without the use of heat. Up to 20 wt. % of an oil can be fully emulsifi ed into water for a stable dispersion. The resulting product can be more fully viscosified with the inclusion of polymeric agents such as guar, xanthan, or cellulosic gums.

Dispersing of polymers into a water phase followed with Cola®Det OE can yield highly viscous, foaming products. Other actives such as humectants, alpha hydroxy acids and proteins can also be added to the aqueous phase. Oil soluble additives such as vitamins, esters, and silicones may be included provided they are soluble themselves in the oil of choice.

Typical formulations utilize triglyceride oils from 5% to 20%. It is recommended to use an equivalent amount of Cola®Det OE. Other oils such as petrolatum and mineral oil can also be used. Mild heat during the mixing phase with adequate homogenization will ensure a uniform stable product.



  • High oil level delivery
  • Easily rinsed
  • Non-irritating
  • Easily fragranced
  • Soft after-feel
  • Foams in the presence of oils
  • Long-term skin conditioning
  • Alcohol-free
  • Self preserving



  • Moisturizing body washes
  • ​Skin cleansers
  • Hair repair shampoos
  • Color protection shampoos
  • Hair moisturizing shampoos
  • Other multi-benefit cleansing formulations


INCI: Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Tridecyl Ether Sulfate and Sodium Lauroamphoacetate and Lauramide MIPA
Description: Triglyceride Emulsifier


AICS (Australia); PICCS (Phillipines); NZIoC (New Zealand)

CAS #: 9004-82-4, 25446-78-0, 68608-66-2, 142-54-1