Product Overview

Cola®Liquid DC is one product in a new generation of liquid non-ionic surfactants from Colonial Chemical. The new and emerging ColaLiquid product line consists of non-DEA amides that perform like traditional alkanolamide surfactants. Colonial Chemical started this new product line with the goal of developing consumer acceptable, non-DEA amides that remain liquid and give performance similar to that of the traditional amides.

Cola®Liquid DC is the first commercially available product in the new ColaLiquid series that meets the above criteria. Cola®Liquid DC is from triglyceride oil. Cola®Liquid DC can be used in any application where traditional alkanolamide surfactants have been used.

Cola®Liquid products have been tested according to Method OECD 301D and determined to be ultimately biodegradable.

INCI: Cocamide DIPA
Description: Cocamide DIPA


TSCA (USA), DSL (Canada), ECL (Korea), IECSC (China)

CAS #: 68855-69-6