Product Overview

The Colonial DF Series is a family of anionic modified polyethers that behave as anionics in alkali concentrates but display nonionic cloud point behavior in diluted use solutions. These are a unique group of anionic surfactants intended for use in highly alkaline, built liquid cleaner concentrates. The Colonial DF Series exhibits very low foam and excellent hard-surface detergency when used at temperatures above their respective cloud points in use solutions. They are very effective in power-wash metal cleaners, low-foam floor cleaners, steam cleaners, liquid dishwashing compounds, and other low-foam cleaning applications. The range of potential cloud points gives the  formulator flexibility in designing cleaning products where operating temperatures vary.


  • Solubility in concentrated alkaline solutions 
  • Low foam above the cloud point 
  • Effective hard-surface detergency 
  • Potent wetting 
  • Exhibit cloud points when diluted to use solutions
Description: Anionic for Low Foam, High Caustic Spray Cleaning


TSCA (US), Canada (DSL), EU (EINECS)

CAS #: Proprietary