Product Overview

Colonial SCS Needles is a sodium coco-sulfate derived from 100% natural coconut oil. In the needle form, the product is free flowing and disperses easily in water. Heat is required to fully dissolve the product. Colonial SCS Needles provides excellent lather, thickening and conditioning properties. It is also an excellent replacement for most anionic surfactants in personal cleansing products.


Colonial SCS Needles is “Derived Natural” with a Natural Origin Index of 1 in accordance with ISO 16128 guideline.

INCI: Sodium Coco-Sulfate
Description: Sodium Coco-Sulfate


USA (TSCA), Canada (DSL), EU (REACH), Australia (AICS), Korea (KECI), China (IECSC/IECIC); Philippines (PICCS), New Zealand (NZIOC), Taiwan (TCSI)

NGO Certifications​

  • Whole Foods Market® Eco-Scale™ ingredient

  • Readily biodegradable per OECD 301 methods.  This product meets the criteria for a surfactant under the EU Detergents Regulation (EC) 648/2004.


CAS #: 68955-19-1