Gulf Coast Chemical Corp. to Represent Colonial Chemical Inc. in Florida

Colonial Chemical, Inc. is pleased to announce that Gulf Coast Chemical Corp. is now their sole representative for chemical products in Florida. The distribution agreement encompasses the full range of Colonial Chemical’s surfactants used in formulations for personal care, industrial cleaning, household cleaning and metalworking lubricant industries.

“This is a great time to bring Gulf Coast Chemical on board as we begin a very exciting year of growth in our company. They’ve assured us of a solid commitment to our business and we’re excited about utilizing their expertise and logistical advantage as we seek to grow sales of our products in Florida,” explains David Anderson, Jr., Sales Manager, Colonial Chemical Inc. “The technical understanding of Gulf Coast’s sales and marketing group is advantageous when it comes to promoting more specialized products. They’ve also shown a keen interest in supporting sales of our naturally-derived products in the markets they serve, which we’re certain will continue to grow steadily in the future.”

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