Product Overview

If you are looking for the slip and feel of silicone in a foaming, cleansing or conditioning product, Colonial's Poly SugaSil surfactants are right for your formulation. Colonial Chemical has pioneered the development of naturally derived surfactants for the personal care industry. Our unique Poly SugaSil surfactants start from a naturally derive building block, alkyl polyglucoside, and are derivatized with dimethicone to make a product that has excellent feel and conditioning.

The Poly SugaSil products when used in shampoos, body washes and other personal care formulations actually contribute to the foam of the formulation. The excellent toxicological properties Poly SugaSil surfactants enable them to be used in baby products, facial cleansers, shaving products and hand soaps. With the mildness displayed from Poly SugaSil surfactants, these products have an ability to mitigate irritation in harsh formulations.

Colonial Chemical has developed two products with widely different molecular weights allowing in the formulator to select a product or blend the two products to meet individual formulation needs. Poly SugaSil products are lighter than silicone and are much more water-soluble than typical dimethicone. They do not build up on hair and skin yet provide excellent slip and lubricity.

Please consider Poly SugaSil as a dimethicone copolyol replacement, silicone replacement or any time the properties of silicone are desired yet water solubility, mildness and foam are also required. Poly SugaSil surfactants are safe, mild and can be left on hair and skin.

INCI: PEG-8 PG-Coco-Glucoside Dimethicone
Description: PEG-8 PG-Coco-Glucoside Dimethicone



CAS #: 1584160-40-6
Patent #: 6,762,289