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Name INCI Description
Cola®Cap MA259-End-capped Nonionic Surfactant
Cola®Cor 100-Water-soluble Corrosion Inihbitor For Acid Or Alkaline Conditions
Cola®Cor 400-Water-soluble, Low Foam Corrosion Inhibitor For Non Ferrous
Cola®Cor ACI-Water-soluble, Aluminum Corrosion Inhibitor
Cola®Dol 173B-Ethoxylated Alcohol
Cola®Dol 900-Ethoxylated Fatty Alcohol
Cola®Dol 901-Alcohol Ethoxylate, Nonionic Surfactant Blend
Cola®Dol 902-Ethoxylated Alcohol
Cola®Dol 91-6-Detergent Range Alcohol Ethoxylate
Cola®Dry DAB-Water Soluble Silicone Wax Additive For Shine And Protection
Cola®Liquid DCCocamide DIPACocamide DIPA
Cola®Lux C-8Octyldimethylamine OxideOctylamine Oxide
Cola®Lux CAO-35Cocamidopropylamine OxideCocamidopropylamine Oxide
Cola®Lux LOLauramine OxideLauramine Oxide
Cola®Mid CCocamide DEACocamide DEA
Cola®Mulse CS400-Highly Effective Emulsifier For Spray Waxes In Transportation Cleaning
Cola®Mulse HP500-Cationic Emulsifier For Mineral Seal Oil
Cola®Quat C15-Quaternary Ethoxylated Coco Amine Ethyl Sulfate
Cola®Quat SMESoyethyl Morpholinium EthosulfateSoyethyl Morpholinium Ethosulfate
Cola®Solv IESIsostearyl Ethylimidazolinium EthosulfateIsostearyl Ethylimidazolinium Ethosulfate
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