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Name INCI Description
Cola®Liquid BCMACocamidopropyl Betaine And Cocamide MEALiquid Betaine-Amide Blend
Cola®Liquid BLCocamidopropyl Betaine (and) Lauramide MIPACocamidopropyl Betaine And Lauramide MIPA
Cola®Liquid DCCocamide DIPACocamide DIPA
Cola®Liquid DC-5Cocamide DIPADEA-Free Liquid Cocamide DIPA
Cola®Liquid DLLauramide DIPALauramide DIPA
Cola®Liquid DMMyristamide DIPAMyristamide DIPA
Cola®Liquid DOSoyamide DIPASoyamide DIPA
Cola®Liquid SCMPACocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine (and) Cocamide MIPALiquid Sultaine-Amide Blend
Cola®Mid ALLauramide DEALiquid Lauramide DEA
Cola®Mid AMEAcetamide MEAAcetamide MEA
Cola®Mid CCocamide DEACocamide DEA
Cola®Mid CMACocamide MEACocamide MEA
Cola®Mid CMPACocamide MIPACocamide MIPA
Cola®Mid LM-73Lauramide/Myristamide DEASolid Lauramide DEA
Cola®Mid LMALauramide MEALauramide MEA
Cola®Mid LMPALauramide MIPADEA-Free Lauramide MIPA
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